Opening: 5.9.2017
7 pm
Duration: -27.10.2017

Hadas Tapouchi | PL/IL/DE und Iris Andraschek / Hubert Lobnig | AU

This year’s cooperative exhibition brings together two artistic positions in which the works that were conceived or further developed for the exhibition address the history of places and the question of contemporary understanding of the history directly related to them.
Curated by Verena Gamper, Vasilena Gankovska und Andreas Hoffer
Opening: 22.09.2017
7.00 pm
Duration: 23.09. – 5.11.2017

Jeremy Bakker | Australia – Elisabeth Weissensteiner | Austria

Jeremy Bakker – with holding
Elisabeth Weissensteiner – Ein inversiver Spiegel – das andere Ich
Curated by Florian Steininger, director Kunsthalle Krems und AIR—ARTIST IN RESIDENCE. In cooperation with Kunstverein Baden